'Mughal Nanayangal' by Dr N.Sreedhar , book on Mughal coins

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'Mughal Nanayangal' by Dr N.Sreedhar
Language : Malayalam
Pages: 55
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Mughal era is considered the golden age of art and literature in Indian history. There were a stream of rulers who ruled India from 1526.AD to 1857.AD with an interregnum of fifteen years when Sur dynasty took over from Humayun only to return his empire to him. Rulers from Babur to Bahadur shah Zafar have issued coins in abundance. Some rulers were on the
throne only for a short period or were usurpers. They struck coins with Persian writings on them. Reading the legends is the only reliable way to attribute them precisely. This challenge faced by beginners in the hobby is simplified in the book “Mughal Nanayangal” written in Malayalam, the local dialect of Kerala. With more than two hundred pictures of Mughal period coins with attribution hints makes this book useful to all immaterial of whether they can read Malayalam or not. Published by the Philatelic and Numismatic Association (PANA) based in Thiruvananthapuram, this is a fruitful and welcome effort to
help those who are intimidated by medieval Indian coins.

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